Omega Alpha

Concept Brain-Dump

Omega/Alpha: From the end of time, back to the beginning.
Symbols: Ouroboros blended with Infinity

You were born in a wondrous time. In your time, there was no need unmet, no problem too big for technology to handle. Generations ago, your species cured all diseases, established systems to provide for the needs of every one of you – ending the hunger of the lowly, freeing the creative to be inspired, and ensuring safety for one and all.

Like I said, this was generations ago – in your time, this uplifted state, far from basic struggle – is entirely taken for granted. People pursue whatever it is they enjoy most in life – but there is still one large, looming problem. Your world will no longer be habitable within the next few years. The solution is not beyond the science of your species, but it requires resources too vast to muster – which, considering the vast power of your kind, is deeply unsettling.

Time travel was discovered some time ago, but quickly secreted away to prevent abuse of the technology. In light of this peril, it was unearthed and has been engaged for project Omega/Alpha. A founding group of citizens will be sent back in time to a planet which at the time will be beginning an age of stable and safe weather for several million years. Because of the distance and location in space, requests for supplies will not maintain integrity but will be amazingly timely and precise within 100 ft of your location. (In game terms, you can spend 1 XP to have a cypher sent to you, back in time.)

Characters start this game at Tier 6, with as much adjustment to normal progress as they feel necessary to describe their character. Any level of technology or magic is acceptable – your kind unlocked the secrets that link the two long ago. Warrior-types are certainly encouraged, though a strong sense of public service and honor is recommended. Thugs aren’t too common – and the military consists of vigilant reservists who make it their business to stay trained and ready to aid those in need. Adepts and Speakers might be considered the ‘popular’ trades, for those with a mind to be listened to and respected – not to mention power. Explorers represent… almost everyone else, really. Most people in your world spend a lot of time looking for new places to see, new experiences to have. Characters are elite members of their fields, top class and badass. Your mission upon arriving on your new world is to cultivate and tame a safety zone for future travel, and then to ‘do what comes naturally’ – by which they mean exploring a brand new world, of course. Maybe… babies?


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